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Published on 1st September '15

Gage came to us and said that he wanted to surprise his girlfriend Crystal on their holiday to London by proposing! They had come over all the way from the United States, so we knew that we had to do something really, really special. 

He told us that Crystal is extremely glamorous, and loves all things pink, girly and fluffy... we knew exactly what to do! The day began at Sketch London, a classy and girly restaurant and gallery, where they were having afternoon tea. Gage excused himself to make a quick phone call... little did she know, he was actually leaving to get into a cab and go across London to a very special place!

This was all ready and waiting for her! Crystal waited patiently at the table and began to look a little worried until one of The Proposers team went to relieve her and handed her a note from Gage telling her to get into a taxi waiting for her outside the building. Of course, Crystal excitedly did just that, and not long later arrived at the destination. She was guided upstairs where there was something very special waiting for her...

Some of our gorgeous decorations. We had decorated a beautiful room with colourful hanging baubles, rose petals, candles and fairy lights. There was a pianist playing the incredibly romantic, 'Stay with me,' by Sam Smith, and a canvas at an easel that we made especially for this couple reading 'Stay With Me Forever'. 

This moment from when they first met Gage asked us to make this from a photo from the night they first met... she was waiting on him at a bar! The words come, of course, from the very song that was playing at the proposal. Gage was waiting eagerly for Crystal to walk down to him down a trail of rose petals, and we could tell how nervous he was!! So adorable!

The all-important moment!!

Of course she said yes!! She couldn't stop smiling and looking around the room in awe, and when he got down on one knee and popped the question, she smiled even wider and of course said yes!!

What a rock!The glamorous pair couldn't take their eyes off each other, and couldn't wait to get out around Central London and show off the ring in their absolutely stunning engagement photo shoot... What an absolutely gorgeous couple, we wish them all the best! Watch the full proposal here:

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