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Published on 3rd November '14

Rui told us his girlfriend absolutely loves baking cupcakes. They were holidaying in London but are originally from Portugal.

His girlfriend Lia is obsessed with baking, literally obsessed.

It became obvious to us that she would absolutely adore a cupcake themed proposal so we arranged something amazing...

We teamed up with the prestigious and famous Peggy Porschen to arrange Lia's proposal of her dreams...

We hired a private room in the Peggy Porschen shop and decorated it elegantly with proposal props, candles, flowers, petals and specially red current champagne - all to match the red romantic theme!

The couple ordered cupcakes at the till and the baker came out and asked them If they'd like to try a new fresh batch for free...

Lia of course jumped at the chance...she was taken to a private room where she immediately spotted 'Will you marry me Lia?' written in cupcakes.

Awww how yummy!

What could be more personalised to her and super romantic?!


It was the perfect proposal for this special couple. A huge congratulations from The Proposers!!

Check out the amazing video below...

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