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Published on 24th February '22

This is the proposal for a wine lover, and we can guarantee they will never see it coming.

Our planner will work with you to find out more about your relationship, countries visited, special dates and milestones, based on this she and our sommelier will select 4 bottles of wine or champagne.

The labels will be exchanged to spell out “Will” “You” “Marry” Me?”, each bottle will be placed in a bag numbered 1-4, so your partner will never know what's about to happen! 

On the day, our planner and sommelier will set up a wine tasting station, this can be either in your hotel room, on a private terrace, or even outdoor – if you want to keep it very casual. Our planner will create a fake booking for you, so your partner thinks you have booked a special wine tasting experience while in Paris! You will get vouchers with timings and booking confirmations before the big day to show to your sommelier. 

This is the terrace we suggest for the tasting – but it can be done all over Paris!

During the tasting, our sommelier will guide you through the wine, and mention things related to your relationship – all to do with the wines,  this is why we needed to ask you about milestones and special holidays before the tasting. You will have a scorecard to fill out based on the wines you tasted. You will rate the wines based on taste, smell, body – just like during a real wine tasting! 

At the end, it’s time to reveal the bottle you have tried. One by one, our sommelier will uncover each bottle and you will get ready with the ring! Then all you have to do is watch as the penny drops and enjoy the look on your partner’s face – believe us – it’s priceless! 

After they say yes – you will have time to celebrate and we can hire a photographer to take photos of you, now as a newly engaged couple! 

Our planners think of everything – even the décor will be themed to correspond with the wine you will be tasting! 

Are you interested in your own Wine Tasting in the heart of Paris – get in touch with our planners today! 


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