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Published on 8th May '15

Who doesn’t love London?

It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and romantic cities on earth… but here are our favourite 10 iconic places in London that are perfect for popping the question!

1. At the London Eye

This is a popular one, and with good reason! There's a lot of room for creativity in such little space, and one of our favourite ideas is a singing flash mob.

The London Eye is one of the most famous and iconic attractions in London, so it's easy to disguise the outing as some normal sightseeing. With stunning views of the whole city and beautiful singing, the event will be surprising, intimate and amazing- in other words, impossible to resist!

2. Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is majestic, busy, and extremely iconic! Even the most suspicious of brides-to-be are bound to be caught off guard and left speechless by a proposal there… even more so when it's done by complete strangers!

London has a reputation for being rainy… so why not work that into a proposal?! We love huge messages, and this is one of our favourites… spelling  ''Will You Marry Me? on huge umbrellas in front of the (also iconic) National Gallery!  Unsuspecting tourists will melt with happiness for whatever lovely couple choose such a bold way of showing their love.

3. The Shard

Another one with spectacular views. The Shard is becoming more and more popular and it's easy to see why! It's the tallest building in Europe, so you're guaranteed an amazing atmosphere simply being up there. It’s even being dubbed the Eiffel Tower of London, and if it’s good enough for the City of Love, then it’s certainly good enough for us!

There's more to it than that however, and is the perfect place for a luxurious proposal complete with a seven-star hotel, the Shangri-La. So whether you want to pop the question with city in the background, or combine it with a slap-up meal, The Shard is a great way to a big YES!

4. St Paul’s Cathedral

A wonderful, majestic cathedral… and the perfect backdrop for a magical proposal! Imagine walking past the iconic London attraction and coming across what is seemingly a regular busker only to find that they are playing Your Song…

You can even have a personalised gift such as a balloon that pops out of a box saying ''Marry Me'' waiting at the Cathedral just like we did for a lovely couple!

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park is huge and iconic- so many different parts to choose from! One of our favourite parts that guarantees romance and beautiful sights is the Italian Gardens  Surrounded by the gorgeous greenery and lovely fountains, this is a fitting spot for getting down on one knee.

This is another spot that matches perfectly with a love song… is there anything more romantic than that?

6. Hampstead Heath

There's a reason why Hampstead Heath is a favourite hangout spot for celebs- with its green grass and a gorgeous view of the Central London skyline, it's as idyllic and romantic a place as any for a wonderful proposal.

It's possible to make a serene and romantic secret garden right in the city- it's not all flash mobs and huge affairs!

7. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is possibly the most iconic of the bridges connecting North and South London, and there's a very good reason for that: it's huge, beautiful, full of history and the perfect place for a proposal!

It's possible to hire out the glass walkway and fill it with personalised objects that eventually lead to a lovely proposal… and all surrounded by an incredible view.

8. Westminster

There's more to Westminster than politicians in parliament! The Houses of Parliament is one of the most iconic views in London, and is a stunning building. Standing on the South Bank you get an amazing view, and while your partner takes in the view is the perfect moment to pop the question!

Make it even more special with a serenade of their favourite song and a sign literally spelling out exactly what you want to ask them… how could they say no?!

9. Along the River Thames… and then flying over the city!

Who's smoother than James Bond? That's right, nobody.

What, then, could be smoother than a James Bond-style speedboat ride along the River Thames to lead an unsuspecting partner enjoying their favourite treats in luxury to their destination?

Well, the only thing we can think of to top that is to follow it with a helicopter ride over the city… what an amazing way to propose, with luxury, amazing sights, and most importantly, a sense of adventure!

10. All over London!

But then again, why choose just one location in this wonderful city? For the sightseeing lover in your life, why not organise a ride in an iconic London tour bus and take in ALL of the amazing sights.

This wonderful journey can end in the best way possible… by getting down on one knee in front of all of your family friends and saying those four magical words!

So there you go… now you have no excuse to put off your London proposal any longer! If you want to make any of these a reality for you and your partner, get in touch at and let us help you make a magical proposal. We have over 1700 proposals worth of experience and a 100% ‘She Said Yes!’ success rate!


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