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Published on 8th June '23

The Best Ever Santorini Proposal 

We adore a summer time marriage proposal and nothing quite compares to Santorini if you are looking for a destination with stunning sunshine, breath taking views, incredible culture (not to mention the food and wine), as well as a romantic atmosphere to really capture your two hearts.

We had the pleasure of creating this remarkable proposal for our beautiful couple J & D. With lots of personal touches to reflect their relationship, fun activities and of course a lead up to a very stellar 'yes', it was truly a day to remember!

We spoke with J in the months leading up to the engagement to really learn about the couples' love story and come up with the perfect plan.

The couple were scheduled to take a trip around Europe and they both have a special love of the ocean so we immediately suggested Santorini as their travel and proposal spot. We also learnt that J wanted to do something completely unique to make it extremely special for D so we came up with lots of creative ideas for J to pick from.

The Morning Of

The occasion began at the crack of dawn. D recieved a knock on the door with a card asking her to get ready for the first event alongside a gift, a brand new outfit. The couple went to a workout class (because they love exercising and wellness is important to the both of them). D also really enjoys The Bachelor so we incorporated small notes to introduce each activity throughout the day as a nod to the show.

As they got their heart racing with their run on the beach, the couple stumbled on a beautiful picnic setup which we organised especially for them! They sat down to relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

Once they nibbled to their hearts content horses appeared in the distance, they were then whisked away to enjoy a picturesque horse ride on the beach. D loves romantic comedies so we included qoutes from some of her all time favourite films to make her smile and show her just how much J appreciates her.

For the last part of the morning we created a treasure hunt between the dunes with three special treasure chests for D to find using a metal detector. Each one had a gift representing the past, present and future of their relationship. A poker chip as they initially met in Las Vegas, a Cartier pearl necklace to represent the beach they were enjoying at that present moment and an illustration of the two of them in Santorini where J hopes they return time and time again.

The couple then went to their hotel to relax away from the hot summer sun. They unwinded with massages and we suprised Danielle with a glam squad so that she could get read for the next big part of the special celebration.

The Epic Proposal

J knew that they will want to remember the day for years to come, so we organised a photoshoot around the beautiful town of Oia with stunning blue domes and bougainvillea flowers which Santorini is known for. As the couple posed away in what was to be a once in a lifetime occasion, we were busy creating an incredible display which would soon become the proposal location...

The couple were whisked away one last time to the location of the evening - Venetsanos Winery. D was told that they would be enjoying a wine tasting experience but instead of going to the public area they were led to a completely privatised terrace with incredible vistas. J led D down the aisle walkway and asked her the all important question - "Will you marry me?". She of course obliged with a big yes!

After taking it all in and toasting with their favourite Champagne, the couple sat down for dinner overlooking the caldera.

The evening was topped off with a beautiful rendition of their favourite song to the accompaniment of fireworks!

We were so honoured to be part of this Santorini proposal. It was truly one for the story books. J & D are such a spectacular couple and we couldn't have been more pleased to bring this iconic marriage proposal to life!

See the full video below:

Photography and Videography courtesy of Dreamodd

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