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Published on 13th January '18

Malvinder came to us to plan his dream proposal for his girlfriend, Sandeep. He explained that he wanted to 'pop the question' in an utterly romantic city in Europe, so our Proposal Planners began to get creative and came up with the perfect location... What more romantic that proposing in the city of love... PARIS!

Luckily, Sandeep was travelling to Paris with her two sisters so this was Malvinders perfect opportunity to surprise his one true love and 'pop the question'!

After getting to know Sandeep's interests a little better, we came up with the best idea...

Proposing in Disneyland Paris!

Our Proposal Planners had a lot of work to do as Malvinder had never been abroad before and also needed Sandeep's two sisters to act undercover throughout the proposal!

Our beautiful bride-to-be had no idea that anything suspicious was going on, until the evening before the big day when she was handed a personalised letter... The letter instructed Sandeep to get some rest before a day of excitement tomorrow...

The following morning all 3 sisters were picked up by a private Mercedes S Class and taken too the first surprise of the day. Sandeep still had no idea where they were heading until they arrived.


The girls headed straight for the Plaza Gardens restaurant to enjoy a Character Dining breakfast, before receiving the next surprise!

Meanwhile, our nervous groom-to-be and Proposal Planners had discreetly entered the park to prepare themselves for the all important moment!

As breakfast came to an end, Sandeep received another surprise, but this time it wasn't from one of her sisters, it was from Minnie Mouse! This was the next clue, directing Sandeep to head for the Sleeping Beauty Castle and look out for the White Rabbit...

Waiting for Sandeep was our planner who was disguised as the White Rabbit!

The White Rabbit approached Sandeep and handed her the first gift and personalised note... you wouldn't travel to Paris without getting personalised, would you?

Off went our rabbit and Sandeep to begin the adventure! First stop... The Alice In Wonderland Curious Labrynth Maze!

Throughout the maze, The White Rabbit handed Sandeep various personalised presents each relating to her favourite Disney characters!

The first gift represented the magical red rose from Beauty & The Beast, followed by beautiful handheld mirror from Snow White.

Sandeep's favourite Disney character is Tinkabell... maybe this magical fairy dust will bring her one step closer to the final surprise.

The surprises continued to get even more luxurious... the next gift was Minnie Mouse Pandora Charm, so Sandeep can always wear her Disney memories on her wrist.

Sandeep then received the final gift, which was a stunning Swarovski Cinderella Glass Slipper, with another note attached which said 'We're all just a glass slipper away from our Prince Charming'...

Our White Rabbit quickly hopped away, for our bride-to-be to find her Prince Charming!

Waiting at the end of the maze was The White Rabbit holding a huge Alice in Wonderland themed banner with the words 'Will You Marry Me Sandeep?' written on it!

Our completely loved up couple then reunited and Malvinder 'popped the all important question'!


The newly engaged couple then enjoyed a photoshoot around the maze.

Sandeep then reunited together with her two sisters after realising they have known all along!

Congratulations to Malvinder and Sandeep.

Wishes do really come true in Disneyland.

With many thanks to our incredible photographer Julie Lilly Marie

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