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Published on 14th July '17

When Anish came to us to plan his proposal he mentioned that he would love to 'pop the question' where him and his girlfriend, Chadni, first met... Ibiza! Just before their 1 year anniversary, the couple few out to Ibiza for a 'holiday'... little did Chadni know that Anish was going to propose to her! We hired an exclusive beach with the most beautiful cabana and incredible views, that we decorated into the most romantic setting for a proposal.

Anish mentioned that his dog had to be involved in their proposal... and this is what we did... well kind off! Unfortunately their beautiful Labrador wasn't allowed to board the flight so we had to improvise! We got a canvas made of their dog next to a sign saying 'SAY YES!', hopefully their gorgeous pooch will be a good luck charm! As the happy couple arrived at Amante Beach Club, Anish 'snuck' off to the bar to get them both a drink. While Chadni sat patiently waiting, Anish was preparing himself to pop the question! Chadni was then directed to the beautifully decorated beach cabana, where Anish was awaiting her arrival in a heart, shaped from twinkling candles...

Anish then got on one knee and asked Chadni to be his wife!

... SHE SAID YES!!!...

How beautiful is that ring (and nails)!

While being serenaded by a musician, the couple then enjoyed a 3 course meal overlooking the remarkable views of Ibiza!

Congratulations to Anish and Chadni!

I bet their dog can't wait to find out if she said yes

Check out their full proposal video here...

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