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Published on 5th December '16

Magical candlelit bath proposal

Amish asked us to help him plan a beautiful proposal for his girlfriend Shinal. He told us that he was whisking Shinal away for a romantic weekend getaway in Bath so wanted to add to the surprise by proposing to her there. He asked if we knew of any spots that were intimate, but also had the wow factor and we knew just the place!

On the day of the proposal Amish suggested to Shinal that they take a scenic walk through the park. As they approached the Colonnades, which are situated along the River Avon, Shinal was shocked to see that they had been lit up with fairy lights, which looked absolutely stunning. From a distance Shinal could hear a harp playing and as Amish led her into the Colonnades, Shinal saw this beautiful scene in front of her. As they walked further into the Colonnades the scene became more and more magical.

Proposal planner decor in Bath

The walkway ran alongside an idyllic River Avon so to make full use of the view we decided to add an extra personalised touch to the proposal by hanging photographs of the couple along the trail.As the couple reached the end of the walkway Shinal was shocked to see the harpist sat, playing a romantic song, next to a beautiful heart made from candles.

Romantic Bath proposal decor

Amish led Shinal to the centre of the heart where he got down on one knee and asked him to marry her... and she said YES! Congratulations to the lovely couple! We wish them a lifetime of happiness! Amish loved the proposal we created for him and sent us this message after the proposal: "Thank you for everything. You guys are the best."

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