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Published on 4th August '19

The best tips and suggestions for your magical marriage proposal in Santorini

Santorini cliff proposal ideas

We think that Greece is one of the most magical places on earth, and if it's a European getaway that you're looking for then a Santorini proposal doesn't get much better!

So, if you're thinking about getting down on one knee on the island of sunsets, then here's all you need to know about proposing in Santorini.

Santorini Proposal

Santorini private villa proposal location

Why you should propose in Santorini

1. Breath-taking views

Santorini is our favourite Greek island! With soaring cliffs, whitewashed houses and stunning beaches, it is definitely the perfect destination for a proposal.

2. Picturesque architecture

One of Sanotrini's most famous attributes is their eye-catching and beautiful architecture! You will be sure not to miss Santorini's iconic whitewashed villages which are usually accompanied by blue doors and windows. White is now the trademark colour of the island, which is perfect for complimenting that beautiful, clear blue sky. Not to forget... the absolute perfect backdrop for your proposal pictures!

3. Unforgettable sunsets

The sunsets and clear blue sky will add that extra special touch to your proposal! As you overlook the incredible island, the stunning red and orange tones will capture your attention as they shine over the stair-stepped buildings.

4. It's peacefulness

You can't find a more relaxed and calm island than Sanortini! The Greek island is famously known for their friendly nature and laid back attitude.

5. Romantic island getaway

If you want to propose to your partner in the most intimate way possible... what better than flying her out to this exclusive island! Santorini is a perfect island for a romantic getaway! Whether it be on the relaxing beach or a dinner for 2 overlooking the incredible views... your partner is sure to say yes! We couldn't think of anything more romantic that a surprise trip to a Greek Island!

Sunset proposal in Santorinii

Santorini Proposal Ideas

Private terrace with a view

Our most popular proposal in Santorini by far is the private terrace with a view. Find a secluded location to watch the famous sunsets of Santorini, and you've found one of the most romantic places to propose in the world.

The best location to watch the sunset is Oia, we'll decorate a beautiful private terrace for you to make it your own romantic hideaway.

Romantic proposal in Santorini

If you're looking for something different then these are three proposal ideas that we love for summer 2020.

Cliff Top Proposal

Imagine proposing on top of a beautiful cliff top with amazing views overlooking the Aegean Sea and the caldera. Obviously with a cliff top the decoration options will potentially be limited, but we love the idea of a cliff top Santorini proposal.

Hike to Oia proposal Santorini

Wine Tasting Proposal

One of our newest, and most popular, proposals in London is the wine tasting proposal, it's very popular among couples who are looking for a fun day or night out. Santorini has some truly beautiful vineyards and they make for an epic backdrop to your proposal, while giving a fun day out at the same time. And if that wasn't enough, one of the most popular features is that the bottles will reveal the words "Will You Marry Me" for the ultimate surprise.

Wine tasting Santorini Greece

Yacht Proposal

If you want something truly romantic and private then a yacht proposal across the Aegean Sea could be for you. Take off on your own private yacht and see the sunset from the sea. We can also decorate the yacht and have private local musicians on board to burst into song as you drop down on one knee.

Santorini views for a proposal

Our Favourite Santorini Proposals

Trae and Kyra

When American Footballer Trae Wayne contacted us to help plan a proposal in paradise, our team were more than happy to help!⁣ We set up Trae’s Santorini Proposal, where the roof terrace gave Trae and his girlfriend, Kyra, privacy and met all of Trae's requirements.⁣

Couple engagement photography Santorini

Our Proposal Planners thought about every little aspect of the decor, including the beautiful floristry - covering the entire cabana in beautifully bloomed sunflowers (Kyra's favourite flower), with the sun setting over the Greek island.

Trae wanted music to accompany his proposal, so our proposal planners hired a group of traditional Greek musicians to serenade him and Kyra.⁣ As the sun set over the Greek island, Trae brought the loves of his life Kyra and their beautiful daughter Kayla to La Maltese’s rooftop. ⁣Kyra could not hold her tears back when Trae got down on one knee.

Santorini proposal couple with Caldera views

Kenneth and De'arra

Kenneth came to us knowing that he wanted to propose to De'arra on his holiday in Santorini, but didn't know where was best to do it. 

Santorini proposal at sunset

We decorated a beautiful private roof terrace for the couple to enjoy the sunset in their own private romantic getaway. The gorgeous couple had a photographer and videographer on hand to capture their special moment. 

Kenneth gave us this amazing feedback - "Thanks again for the amazing moment and all the help you guys provided to make my proposal the best I could hope for". ⁣⁣

Sunset proposal couple overlooking Caldera in Santorini

Gurpreet and Gurleen

When Gurpreet came to us to plan his proposal, he knew that he wanted to propose in Santorini. We set out to find the perfect location for Gurpreet to pop the question to his beautiful girlfriend, Gurleen! Before sunset, Gurpreet and Gurleen arrived at Sophia Luxury Suites, where Gurpreet lead his girlfriend up to a private roof terrace. As they arrived Gurleen was shocked to see a beautifully decorated roof terrace! The exclusive space was decorated with twinkling candles, rose petals, lanterns, stunning fresh flowers, all over that breath-taking view.

Overlooking the incredible views of Santorini, Gurpreet got down on one knee and proposed, while being serenaded with music from the Greek musicans, for a breathless Santorini proposal to Gurleen. After their proposal and private photoshoot, they enjoyed a romantic 3 course meal, to celebrate their engagement!

Here's a little snippet of Gurpreet and Gurleen's Santorini proposal!

Rakesh and Luciana

Rakesh wanted to surprise Luciana with a trip away and a romantic proposal, so we helped him to find the best location.⁣ The most beautiful place in Europe for a summer proposal?⁣ Santorini.

Romantic marriage proposal with decoration in Santorini

Luciana went for a walk along the boardwalk thinking she was “going for a drink” at a rooftop bar.⁣⁣ Little did she know what Rakesh and The Proposers had waiting for her. ⁣

A beautiful private Santorini roof terrace complete with gazebo, LOVE light up letters and heart shaped candles. As the sun was setting music came on, and Rakesh went down on one knee on their private terrace overlooking the Aegean Sea and the caldera.

Proposal man to woman  on one knee in Santorini planned by proposal planners

Let us plan your Santorini proposal

The Proposers know all there is to know about proposal planning with over 1,700 proposals planned across the world, and a 100% YES rate!

Want us to help you to propose in Santorini or somewhere else you have in mind?

You can see our Santorini proposal packages here or if you want a custom proposal package to make your day extra special then contact one of our expert proposal planners here.


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